10 Ways To Make Money Online

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Here are the 10 best ways I’ve found to make money online. Many people are making a full-time income using some of these methods, so try them out and let me know if you have any questions.

1. Take Paid Surveys

img-02One of the most popular ways to make money online is to fill out online surveys. For just a few minutes of your time, you could earn $5 per survey in some cases. Each site has a limited number of surveys each month for each person so if you want to earn a significant amount of money, it’s worth signing up for as many sites as possible.

2. Selling on eBay

Make Money On eBayeBay has been around for more than twenty years now, but there are still lots of people talking about the entrepreneurial opportunities it provides. Working from home, being your own boss, and having the freedom to choose something to sell you are passionate about, are all great reasons why selling on eBay either part or full time, is a fantastic way to earn money. What makes eBay different from any other business model is that you don’t need much capital to get started – anyone with $50 to invest can get a business underway on eBay.

One of the most popular websites for finding legitimate wholesale suppliers is Salehoo. It also lets you search through 1.6 million products to find the ones that are the most profitable. Salehoo is used by many top eBay sellers, so check it out!

3. Sell Affiliate Products

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If you haven’t heard about affiliate marketing before, it’s a way of earning a commission by selling another company’s products. Many major websites have an affiliate program like Amazon and eBay, and lots of people are making a ton of money promoting their products. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, check out Affilorama. It’s got a bunch of written and video lessons, tools, tips and support allowing complete beginners to build up a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

4. Sell Stock Photography

Sell Stock Photos OnlineOver the past decade, there has been an explosion in demand for stock photography. As the number of media and commercial outlets has increased dramatically with the growth of online media, there’s an enormous need for high quality stock photos.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make a substantial amount of money selling stock photos. There’s a website called Photography Jobs Online which allows you to instantly sell your pictures to thousands of potential buyers that need them for websites, catalogs, books, magazines, ads, or a variety of other uses. All you need is a camera and the drive to take beautiful photos.

5. Become A Mobile App Tester

6. Work in Social Media

1Businesses all around the world are hiring people just like you to help manage their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There is a lot of money in it, and the best part is that you don’t need any qualifications, prior experience or specialized skills. All you need is a few spare hours per week, a computer with an internet connection and a good knowledge of how to use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Check out this story.

7. Write an eBook

make money sell ebook onlineIn recent years the self-publishing world has exploded online to the point at which you don’t even have to run your own site in order to promote a book. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo are just a few of the sites on which you could self-publish today, with commission rates of around 70% available on every sale.

Have you heard of Amanda Hocking? She is a 26 year old self-published author from Minnesota who makes more than $2 million a year from her ebook sales. Amanda Hocking’s stories about, trolls, vampires and zombies and  ‘supernatural teen romances’ sell for $2.99 or for as little as $.99.

If you’re interested in writing your own eBook, Stefan Pylarinos has a website where he teaches people how to make a six figure income with Kindle publishing. Click here to go to his website.

8. Blog for Ad Revenues

http://totalmoneysuccess.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Earn-Money-from-Blogging.jpgIf, however, you already have a blog with a devoted following it should be easy for you to leverage your readers into hard cash. Ad networks such as Google AdSense pay big money to place their ads on your site, and you’ll receive a payment every time a reader clicks one. While it’s easy to go overboard and fill every spare pixel, if you place your ads well it’s possible to make a comfortable income from your site.

One of the most successful bloggers around today is John Chow, a Canadian blogger who makes more than $40,000 a month through ad sales and other revenue streams. Ironically, his blog is about ways to make money online.


9. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual AssistantEvery small businessman would love to hire a full time assistant to take care of the little things, but many simply can’t afford one. Thanks to the Internet, though, they can now hire part time assistants who work for a whole host of clients, and all at a much lower cost than a full time staff member.

If you work from home this may be a perfect opportunity to make a consistent income. Virtual assistants can earn $20 an hour in return for booking travel tickets, interacting with clients and dealing with the daily needs of small businesses.


10. Lease Your Skills

make money online outsourceMost people have at least one skill that carries a market value, though until now that skill may have been impossible to monetize in the traditional job market.

Sites such as 99Designs, Elance, Freelancer and iWriter allow people to hire out their skills as writers, coders, designers, translators and lots more on a contract basis. Freelancing sites are a great way to boost your income in your free time, and with enough motivation and hard work you could find yourself earning a comfortable full time income from them.

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